Shape Thin

SHAPE-THIN is a professional, user-friendly program for the analysis and design of thin-walled cross-sections. This program can work as a stand-alone module or integrated with calculation engine of Dlubal family of software so that internal forces and moments can be directly exported from RSTAB or RFEM.  

Few of the key features and benefits of SHAPE-THIN include:

 Determination of section properties of user defined general open and closed cross-sections.

 Analysis of effective cross-sections according to EN 1993-1 or DIN 18800.

 Consideration of different materials in the cross-section.

 Determinatino of normal, shear and equivalent stresses and comparison with limit stresses.

 Plastic section characteristics due to non-combined loading.

 Section characteristics of reinforced concrete cores of skycrapers and determination of forces in the individual walls.

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